Winter Has Settled in!

January 3, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Latest News

Boy it’s cold here but we are happy the thermometer warmed up to 28 degrees today Timberline/Packwood area but it’s 3PM and now it’s 27 degrees on it’s way back down. There sure is a lot snow here, but the roads are plowed and sanded thanks to the awesome Lewis County plows and plow drivers. The State WSDOT has kept the highway to White Pass very clear so far and the de-icer may be bad for our cars, but it’s good for driving!

Now we are hunkering down for great skiing in 2017. Hey, a good tip: rent a cabin mid-week and ski mid-week. That’s when we like to ski. You’ll have the whole mountain and both the Main Lodge and High Camp to yourself. There are never any crowds at White Pass midweek! Actually hardly any crowds on the weekends but mid week is really mellow!

Also if you rent a cabin in the Packwood area you will enjoy snow everywhere. The picture above is Kim standing in front of the Timberline Community Pool!